What to do in an emergency and severe pain

1. Within office hours:

Come to dental clinic if you experience urgent needs and come as early as possible preferably at 8:45am and 2:00pm.

You will be attended as soon as we have finished the scheduled works at hand.

2. After office hour :

  • attend accident and Emergency department of a nearby hospital and make an appointment in UHS dental unit for follow-up treatment if necessary, OR
  • visit private dental clinic (self-financed)

3. Specific problems

a. Bleeding after extraction/teeth cleansing (refer to FAQ Q2 / FAQ Q5)

Bite on a pad of clean gauze so as to exert pressure onto the wound for another 30 minutes. Don’t spit, rinse, eat hot food or do strenuous exercise.

b. Loss of temporary filling (refer to FAQ Q3)

Check yourself or by another person whether the temporary material is still inside the cavity. Make an appointment if it has completely lost or if you are not certain.