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HPV Vaccination Campaign 2020-2021 (Second Intake)

University Health Service will arrange second intake of HPV campaign in January 2021. For details, please click here .

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine 2020-2021

The seasonal influenza vaccine 2020-2021 is available at UHS from 5th October, 2020. For details, please click here .

Hepatitis and Influenza Awareness Campaign

University Health Service (UHS) will organize Hepatitis and Influenza Awareness Campaign soon. For details, please click here .

HPV Vaccination Campaign (3rd Dose) 2019-2020

The HPV Vaccination Campaign (3rd dose) will be held in November. The 1st dose participants will receive individual notification and details of the Campaign. Health Education Unit has implemented measures to control personnel flow, thus ensuring participants in the waiting area...

Blood Tests for Hepatitis A and B Campaign 2020-2021

University Health Service (UHS) will organize Blood Tests for Hepatitis A and B Campaign soon. For details, please click here .

HPV Vaccination Campaign 2020-2021

University Health Service (UHS) will organize HPV Vaccination Campaign in October (1st intake).  For details, please click here. The 2nd intake of HPV Vaccination Campaign will be arranged in January 2021. Details will be announced in October or November.

Entrance Health Evaluation Programme 2020

The programme will be scheduled on 10 – 11 September 2020. Students with special needs such as chronic illness or health problems are advised to contact University Health Service for medical consultation. Student should make appointments via online (Internet Booking System) or by...

Arrangements of Outpatient Service Appointments – Avoidance of Non-scheduled Walk-in

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, measures are implemented to control personnel flow in Outpatient Clinic, thus ensuring patients in the waiting area have sufficient separation distance. Patients are advised to make online or phone call appointments and avoid...

Oral Health Education Pamphlets (QR Version)

Simply use the camera function of your mobile phone, you can easily obtain and keep copies of our Oral Health Education Pamphlets (Totally 8 different topics).

Strong Teeth Bring You Eating Enjoyment

Strong teeth not just bring you a bright smile but also allow you to enjoy eating fun.  Dental Unit has published the following 2 Oral Health Education Pamphlets (Chinese version only) sharing with you tips on having good oral hygiene: (1)  Do I need to have wisdom tooth...