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Medical Service

Medical Consultation

We have 8 full time doctors to provide comprehensive family medicine care to our university members.

After medical consultation and assessment, if necessary, medications will be provided at our pharmacy and when indicated, patient can be referred to a specialist.

Patients can book appointments in advance, either by telephone or through the internet. We also accommodate walk-in type of consultation in a daily basis.

Minor Procedure

We perform a wide range of medical procedures in our operating room including:

  1. Removal of small benign skin lesions
  2. Wart removal
  3. Suturing of wounds
  4. Drainage of abscess
  5. Removal of foreign body
  6. Cryotherapy by liquid nitrogen

Health Examinations

  • Pre/Post-employment examination for specific post
  • Health examination for radiation protection
  • Health certificate for student exchange program
  • Teaching certificate
  • Health certificate for nursery/school entrance
  • Health examination for special at risk groups
  • Others

Nursing Service

Our nursing team provides primary nursing services including:

  1. Advice on health education
  2. Physical assessment procedures
  3. Injection, Immunization and Vaccination
  4. Wound Care
  5. Observation care


Our formulary covers a broad range of medications from short term remedial preparations to chronic maintenance therapeutics.

Laboratory Service

Our Medical Laboratory is a participant of the Quality Assurance Program organized by the Hong Kong Medical Technology Association (HKMTA), which ensures all test results performed by the laboratory are accurate and up to standard.

It provides on site specimens collection and testing.

Physiotherapy Service

Our physiotherapists provide a wide range of services mostly related to musculoskeletal problems and injuries. Physiotherapy requires referral from our UHS staff physician.

Physiotherapy Treatments Modalities Provided:

  1. Interferential Therapy (IFT)
  2. Traction
  3. Ultrasound (US)
  4. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
  5. Manual Therapy
  6. Exercise Therapy
  7. Chest Therapy
  8. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) (subsidized additional charge required)
  9. Modern Acupuncture (subsidized additional charge required)

What to do in Case of Emergency?

In the event of any accident or emergency, remain calm.

1. When UHS is open

  • For further information regarding emergency care services, please call the University Health Centre at  3943 6422 during office hour.

2. When UHS is closed

  • For urgent medical attention, go straight to the Accident & Emergency Department of public hospitals.The nearest Accident & Emergency Department to the Chinese University is the Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin, NT..
  • For ambulance service, dial 999. Identify yourself and give your exact location. For those calling from Campus, it is advisable to notify the Security Office at 3943 7999, as the security patrol cars has been equipped with AED, so that Automated External Defribrillation (AED) can be performed when necessary before the ambulance arrived. Also, the ambulance can be directed to the exact location more readily.

For those who have problem of domestic violence, please stay calm and leave home temporaily. Consider to call the organisations below for assistance:

  • Seek assistance from Social Welfare Department (SWD) for those having counselling service from SWD recently.
  • Channels for women:
    • Wai On House for Women (維安中心) Tel: 2343 2255 (24-hours)
    • Harmony House (和諧之家) Tel: 2522 0434 (24-hours)
    • Christian Family Services Centre (基督教家庭服務中心) Tel: 2787 6865 (24-hours)
    • Sunrise Court (昕妍居) Tel: 2890 8318 (24-hours)
  • Channels for men:
    • Sunrise House (曦華樓) Tel: 2307 8001 (during office hours)
    • Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre (向晴軒) Tel: 2383 2122 (24-hours)
    • Hong Kong Jockey Club Lok Fu Hostel (賽馬會樂富宿舍) Tel: 2336 6860 (24-hours)
  • Channels for seeking advice and help:
    • Social Welfare Department Tel: 2343 2255 (24-hours)
    • Caritas Hotline Tel: 18288 (voice messages)
    • Christian Family Services Centre (for men) Tel: 2787 1355 (during office hours)
    • 人間互助社聯熱線 Tel: 1878 668 (voice messages)

For emergency please dial 999 for assistance from the Police.

Updated: May 24, 2016