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Elementary First Aid Course

The Elementary First Aid Course is a half day (4 hours) course for staff and students.  Priority will be given to front-line staff.

The Elementary First Aid Course, is organized during term break periods.  The application has to be endorsed by the Department/Unit Head.

Course outline:

1. Principle of First Aid
– Aim of First Aid
– Action survey and scene survey

2. Wounds and Bleeding
– Principles of wound managementa
– Method to stop bleeding
– Principles of dressing and bandaging

3. Respiratory Emergency
– Choking Emergency
– Respiratory distress management

4. Unconsciousness
– Definition
– Principles of management

5. Burns and Scald
– Principles of management
– Management of electric burn

6. Skeletal Injury
– Management of sprains
– Principles of fracture immobilization
Each participants will be awarded with an “Attendance Certificate” by the Hong Kong Red Cross.

About CPR:

CPR Handout 2007

AED Protocol Flowchart